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Social Strategy

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Hawaii From Above Giveaway

To launch the Hawaii From Above Campaign, I partnered with aloha Kai to host a giveaway on their Instagram account. The contest only ran for a few days and it have over 1,000 entries. 


FlyOver Iceland Promotion

FlyOver Iceland was showing for a short run in 2020. Since travel was not an option at that time, I worked with a local influencer to create some organic content to promote the ride experience




We wanted to re-think shopping at the Market and have high quality content to use across all social media channels. Working with 'My Kitchen Love' we were able to tap into our target audience and promote local ingredients at the market.


Icelandic Word Video Series

Social media video series for FlyOver Iceland ticket giveaway:

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Online Contesting



The 'Share the Love Contest' was a Valentine's Day photo contest. Although there was only six submissions, contest interaction was high with 670 likes on Facebook and 53 comments.

Online Contesting

Win What You Want Contest

By partnering with a we were able to receive over 100 submissions for this social media contest and valuable insights on the preferred products and services that are available at the Market. 


Halloween Giveaway

For the ticket giveaway for Halloween, I posted a riddle as a giveaway. Without being boosted the contest had over 400 entries and 11 shares on Facebook. 


Smile Project

The Smile Project was conceptualized in response to some negative press on Vancouver Island. 


I managed the project which involved creating a storyboard overseeing the creative direction and editing 




I selected Alisha Enid for a Thanksgiving promotion and giveaway.


She created Thanksgiving recipes using Market ingredients and promoted a $200 giveaway at the Market. 


The contest attracted new customers to the market and boosted contest entries. 

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